Energy efficient

Eco Heat Equipment (PTY) Ltd

Eco Heat is a leading supplier of infrared heaters in South Africa. We offer high quality infrared heaters that work on the principle of safe infrared waves, similar to the sun.

Eco Sensor, a division of Eco Heat Equipment supplies affordable, high quality occupancy sensors for Commercial, Industrial and Residential applications.

Eco Heat's affordable heating products provide comfortable, gentle heat and can save you up to 50% on your heating costs.

Benefits of Infrared heaters

Comfortable heat
Energy Efficient 

Infrared Heaters

Eco Heat Ceramic Heaters

Your Eco Heat heater has been designed using the latest in technology. With normal care and maintenance, your heater will provide years of satisfactory performance. The heater is designed to be wall mounted and cannot be mounted upside down (ceiling).

Striking Energy Heaters

At the heart of our operations, we passionately create Infrared Heaters, blending superior quality, unparalleled durability, and exceptional serviceability. By meticulously sourcing and integrating only the best components, we craft heating systems that stand the test of time.

Occupancy Sensors

Passive Infrared Sensors

PIR sensors rely on changes in temperature to identify movement. These changes in temperature are detected by movement of a  heat source (like a human) between the sensor’s detection bands.
PIR sensors work on ‘line of sight’ and cannot detect temperature changes through solid objects like walls, cubicle dividers or  windows.
PIR sensors are most effective in detecting movement between detection bands, i.e. movement parallel to the sensor rather than movement towards or away from the sensor.

High Frequency/Microwave Sensors

High Frequency (HF), also know as Microwave sensors detect movement by sending out an extremely high frequency electromagnetic signal and checking for changes in the frequency of the signal when it bounces back from objects.
HF sensors can detect movement through windows and thin walls, making them impractical for some office and home applications.
HF sensors are most effective in detecting movement towards or away from the sensors.