Eco Heat 1.0kW Indoor-Use Ceramic Infrared Heater
Eco Heat 1.0kW Indoor-Use Ceramic Infrared Heater
Eco Heat 1.0kW Indoor-Use Ceramic Infrared Heater

Eco Heat

Eco Heat 1.0kW Indoor-Use Ceramic Infrared Heater

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R 2,500.00

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This heater features a stainless steel body with durable ceramic elements. These infrared heaters do not create any light and are designed to be used in a variety of applications, including bathrooms.

This heater warms a room of 10 sqm to 13 sqm with indoor use, using only 1.0 kW per hour. Our infrared technology will maximize your energy efficiency and can save you up to 50% per year on your heating cost for a single room/area. 

Eco Heat heaters are made in South Africa using high quality materials and are easy to install and operate. Download the owner's manual.

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Indoor Applications:





        Dining Room



        Guest Houses


    Elements do not glow or shine

     Stainless steel body - does not rust

     Safe for bathroom use

     15,000 hour element lifespan

      1 year warranty

      Made in SA



1.0kW Eco Heat Ceramic IR

Indoor Heat Area
Ideal for a room of ±10m² to 13m² (m² heat area will depend on the ambient temperature etc) 
Covered Outdoor Heat Area

n/a - See 2.0kW Ceramic Heater

R2,360.00 plus VAT and shipping
(contact us for wholesale pricing)
28cm x 17.5cm x 11.4cm (LxWxH)
Element Life
Estimated 15 000 hours 
Warranty 1 year
Full Specs
Retrofit motion sensor 
Multi Purpose Bracket
Rain Cover
Pull Switch    
Tripod Stand
Full Dimensions
Front View