Benefits of Infrared Heating

The benefits of infrared heaters can be grouped by energy efficiency, quality of product, quality of service, medicinal properties, ease of use and safety.

Energy Efficiency

Our heaters are energy efficient because
  • they focus on warming human bodies and not the ambient temperature.
  • the elements function at a relatively low temperature, consuming less energy.
  • Eskom lists infrared heating as 'the most effective heating option', when considering comfort, cost and power usage.
The amount of electricity and money that one heater can save in a year, as compared to a traditional oil or fan heater is calculated as follows:


Eco Heat 1.0kW Model
Conventional 2.0kW Heater Eco Heat 1.5kW Model Conventional 3.0kW Model
kW/hr  1.0kW/hr 2.0kW/hr 1.5kW/hr 3.0kW/hr
Operating Hours /Year* 630 hours 630 hours 630 hours 630 hours
R/kW/hr R1.60 per kW/hr (Eskom rates vary per area and time of day)
R1.60 per kW/hr (Eskom rates vary per area and time of day)
R1.60 per kW/hr (Eskom rates vary per area and time of day)
R1.60 per kW/hr (Eskom rates vary per area and time of day)
Annual Operating Cost
+/- R1008
+/- R2 016
+/- R1 512
+/- R3 024
Annual Energy Savings
+/- 630 kWh
+/- 945 kWh
Annual Savings +/- R1 008
+/- R1 512

* Estimated use in one year is 7 hours per day for 3 months per year

Quality of Product

Our heaters are proudly manufactured in South Africa using the highest quality material and craftsmanship. Our sophisticated manufacturing processes allow us to bring saving directly to you, the customer.

Quality of Service

We believe that you are entitled to the best service possible and will do everything we can to help you through the process: from understanding the science behind the technology to installation of the unit. Contact us now to test our response.

Medicinal properties

Most conventional heaters use convection to heat the air and ambient temperature. This causes the air to dry out. Infrared heaters use radiant heat to heat the human body and not the ambient temperature. Our heaters do not dry out the air and are therefore ideal for anyone with sinus or respiratory issues.

It is also believed that the infrared waves at the wavelength of our heaters increase blood circulation, relieve pain and increase your metabolism.

Ease of use

Our heaters are easy to install (requires between 2 and 4 bolts/screws), adjustable and easy to operate.


The infrared wavelength that is generated by our heaters is safe for humans and is similar to the heat you feel from the sun (without the harmful UVA and UVB rays).

Eco Heat infrared heaters operate at a relatively low temperature compared to traditional heaters, they are much safer to use indoors.

The units produce no gasses and are perfect for inside use.